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8W LED Bulb
8W LED Bulb, OEM/ODM orders are welcome
Size: OD 60X112L(mm)
Weight: 90g
Power: 8 W
Input Voltage: 100-240V
Emission of CO2: 2.75 g/hr
Maximum Duration: 40,000 hr

  1. High Voltage isolation design to prevent fire.
  2. Made with none-flammable plastic material to ensure your safety of operation.
  3. None composition of UV, lead or mercury.
  4. Heat radiation designed by NASA, light, low-temperature, high efficiency.
  5. Electricity consuming only 80% of tungsten lamp.
  6. Maximum 15 years under normal operation for averagely 7 hours per day.
  7. Energy conservation to save our planet earth: Reducing 844kgs of CO2 emission produced by traditional 60W tungsten lamp.
  8. LED Bulb Light with Good Quality and Smart Design up to 80% Energy Saving.

Parameter/ Item#





Luminous Flux

520 lm

 560 lm


330 lm

Color Temperature